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What should I bring to class?

Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, and Props that you need to support your practice and wear clothes you feel comfortable sweating in. Incase you forget something at home, we have what you’ll need for class in studio to borrow.

What is the minimum age requirement?

For a non-heated class the minimum age is 12, and the heated class age is 15. 

Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Do you offer classes for Beginners or yogis with limited mobility? 

Yes! We offer an array of class styles for yogis of all levels. The studio is equipped with two classrooms, one dedicated to heated classes and one for non-heated classes. We always encourage you to communicate with your guides about what you may experience for suggestions on how to safely move through your yoga practice.

Do you have showers? 

Yes! Remember to bring your own towels and toiletries. 

How HOT do the hot yoga classes get?

Heated classes range between 85-90 degrees and Hot classes can reach up to 105 degrees.

 Be mindful that number of students and physical movement can make class the temperature feel elevated.

What’s so great about Infrared heating panels? 

Infrared heating panels are used in the heated/hot classes and offer a safer option to heat the room without adding the humidity or stuffiness of forced air.  There are many health benefits including  deep detoxification, improvement of circulation, and they will reduce muscle tension which allows us to relax more as we move through our practice. 

Class Etiquette

Arrive On Time

  • Try to get to class 10-15 minutes before class starts to set up your mat and ready your mind for your practice. Students who arrive late may be locked out of class and forfeit their spot to someone else.

Personal Belongings

  • Place your personal belongings in a cubby before entering the yoga room. This includes shoes, cell phones, keys and bags. Our classrooms are phone free zones!

Pre-class Mindset

  • Many students come to yoga class early specifically to relax and meditate. Please honor other students by taking any conversations out into our lobby.

Follow Your Yoga Guide

  • Each yoga class is tailored by your guide and it is important to follow the instructions given verbally and/or visually. Moving in your own way, unless you are modifying for an injury, physical limitation, or pregnancy, can be confusing for the other students. Please be respectful.

Heading out?

  • Listen to your body and step out of class if you feel dizzy or nauseous. If you must leave before class is over for other reasons, please let the teacher know before class and try to set up near the exit.

All the Smells

  • For the comfort of those around you, please come clean and avoid wearing heavy perfumes. Most classes involve breath work and deep breathing. Scents can be distracting for students with asthma or other respiratory sensitivities.

Listen to Your Body

  • Yoga is a personal practice meant to be non-judgmental, non-competitive and non-comparative. Each of us is unique physically and experiences mobility in different ways. You are the only one who knows how and what you’re feeling, so it’s important you listen to the wisdom of your body. Do not force yourself into any posture and modify wherever necessary to avoid injury and discomfort. 


Pre-register for classes

  • All students are encouraged to pre-register for each class. Students may pre-register for class as early as one month in advance. You can do so online or through the app.

No-show & late cancel policy

  • No-shows and students who cancel with less than 2 hours notice will either forfeit their class or be charged the $10 cancellation fee. Our class sizes are limited so it’s best to register for the classes you are confident you will attend. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel class or events for any reason and will notify you via email or text in the event that this occurs. Students will be credited back their class pass or event pass for future use. 

Payment & Refund Policy

  • We accept credit and debit payments only. No cash, check or ACH payments. 
  • All sales are final, there are no cash/credit refunds – account credits only. 

Membership Holds

  • We will only hold memberships for those experiencing a medical event. You must submit a request to hold your membership via email and provide documentation to support.

Membership Cancellation Policy

  • If you are committed to a monthly auto-renew membership, you can cancel anytime following the 3rd month of renewal. Please send an email to to cancel or to change your membership 30 days prior to next billing date. 
  • Memberships are not sharable or transferrable. 
  • Class passes cannot be extended beyond expiration date.

Let us know!

  • If you have any injuries or health conditions that will affect your yoga practice, please let us know before class. Our teachers can offer helpful modifications and suggestions so that you can honor your body.

About the Studio

Sol to Soul Yoga was founded February 1, 2021 

Our dedicated teachers and staff offer warmth, encouragement and support to the communities they serve. All of our teachers are RYT certified and offer options for those who experience physical limitations and those who seek to be challenged in their practice. We are committed to offering a safe place for you to connect with peers and embrace the many mental and physical benefits of yoga. Our space welcomes and encourages diversity and fosters an environment of inclusivity for all yogis in all walks of life.

Sol to Soul offers a variety of classes which include heated and non-heated yoga, workshops, and other movement inspired classes for all levels of movers.

Come experience the connection of
Mind, Body, and Soul with us!


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