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FLOW FOUNDATIONS New to Vinyasa Flow? Then this is the class for you! This class is set with poses and a therapeutic vision to bring you more in tune with your body. This all level class offers options for beginning to advanced, allowing you to track your progression as time goes on.

FLOW VARIATIONS is an all level class is ever-changing and tailored by each yoga guide’s unique styling and composition. You will learn and explore new poses that offer a healthy challenge while expanding your yoga vocabulary.

ACTIVE/PASSIVE FLOW was designed to help aid those recovering from physical injuries and surgeries. It will give you the freedom to activate your muscles and stretch as you move through each pose. This class concludes with a deep stretch for a relaxing restorative ending.

GENTLE FLOW is a perfect class for someone new to vinyasa and would prefer a slower paced class. Similar to flow variations, each class is unique and offers more time in each pose for a meditative practice.

CHAIR YOGA  is a gentle practice in which postures are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair. This class is perfect for those who are experience physical limitations or would like a practice with more support.

THERAPEUTIC is a gentle and restorative practice, utilizing props. This class is ideal for seniors, recovering from illness or injury, and those seeking a gentle, soulful practice. You will leave feeling calm and peaceful.

YIN focuses on releasing connective tissue mainly in the lower half of the body which holds a lot of our stress.Each pose is gently held for up to 2 minutes to encourage release of tensions within.

RELAX AND RESTORE is a restorative practice encourages use of many props, including bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks to help support your relaxation and movement. It ends with an extended Savasana to seal in renewed calm.

CANDLELIGHT UNWIND is Hatha style practice designed for those seeking something more gentle. As you move from pose to pose, you’ll bring full attention to each body part warming up the joints and muscles with ease.

YANG/YIN is a class that offers the duality of energizing asanas with a long restorative ending. During the first part of class you will move through a gentle vinyasa inspired flow and finish with mindfully held deep stretches. You will leave feeling balanced and peaceful.

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